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Weifang matrix Plastics Co., Ltd体育赛事平台Committed to the production, R & D and sales of this series of products

Consulting service hotline:13361550739

Matrix plasticsProduct displayCommitted to the production, R & D and sales of this series of products

Enter matrix plastic industry

Weifang matrix Plastics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of ASA co extrusion engineering plastics (natural color materials), ASA injection engineering plastics (natural color materials), and a variety of color ASA engineering plastics with high weatherability, high brightness and matte, as well as PC toughening modified materials (natural color materials) and other products. The company is located in the beautiful "kite capital" Weifang, with excellent geographical location, beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. The company is committed to the production, R & D and sales of this series of products, introducing excellent production equipment, learning new technology and technology, and producing excellent products in line with the use of customers. With a serious spirit and pragmatic attitude, we have developed products with high level in the industry, and have a high share and high praise rate in the same industry. ...


NewsKeep abreast of industry information and real-time understand matrix dynamics

Matrix plastics·Excellent productsCommitted to the production, R & D and sales of this series of products

Service hotline13361550739

Why many customersChoose us?Deeply rooted in the industry for many years, witnessed by brand strength

Stable product qualityWide range of processing

Suitable for coextrusion profile, plate, sheet and tile
Excellent performance of products

Low carbon standardProduct stability, oxygen resistance and corrosion resistance

The inspection process shall be strictly controlled and checked layer by layer, so as to make our products reach the standard of performance, stable quality and easy to process and use

Equivalent costWeGood quality

Weifang matrix plastic industry has strict product standards,
Perfect after-sales service system

Years of industry experienceStrict production management experience

Many years of industry experience, strict production management experience, let you feel at ease customization.
Committed to the production, R & D and sales of this series of products

Speed LogisticsSpeed logistics channel

Speed of logistics channels, packaging, delivery, so that you are at ease!
When the product leaves the factory, it will provide performance test report with high quality and good guarantee!

Fast deliveryMultiple technical support, service support

Once the customer confirms that the product can generate product control standard, the material performance is stable and the batch difference is small
Stable and timely supply, suitable for supporting large enterprises and long-term cooperation

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